Uninstall/Transfert Shape3d

If you want to tranfert Shape3d to a new computer you'll have to uninstall Shape3d from your actual computer first. For that, go to the menu ? of Shape3d, and click Unregister Key:


Shape3d will ask you to confirm that you want to unregister the activation key. Unregister the activation key means remove the registration key from your computer and change the fingerprint.


If you’re connected to the Internet, this will also remove this fingerprint from our database, so you can install Shape3d on another computer straight away. You’ll see this confirmation window then:


If you’re not connected to the Internet, you’ll see this window that contains a Confirmation Code. Send us this confirmation code at contact@shape3d.com so we’ll know that you no longer use Shape3d on this computer and that you can install Shape3d on another one.

  Then, on your new computer, if Shape3d has never been used on the computer, the first time you launch Shape3d you'll get the following window:
If Shape3d has already been used on the computer, but without any license, or with a license that expired, Then, on your new compute, install Shape3d and, go to the menu ? of Shape3d, and click Register Online:
If you are connected to the Internet, enter your Email and your License Reference. Then click on the Register button. It will connect to our server to unlock Shape3d on your computer.
If you don't have access to the Internet, click Register offline to get the following window:

Select and copy the Fingerprint of your PC in the clipboard.

Then, using the e-mail address you gave at the registration, send this Fingerprint,
as well as your User Name, to us at contact@shape3d.com.

We will send you back the unlock code as soon as possible.

After you have entered the the user name and the key once, Shape3d will fully work on your computer.

You can download the user manuals and tutorial: 
User manual VX
Design tricks and tips

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