The CNC option
  The CNC option enable cutting your board designs with almost any CNC machine, thanks to the following features:
  • Computation of the cutting path.
  • Bullnose router, disk and spherical, cutter supported.
  • Adapted to 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machines.
  • GCode, DXF, Shopbot, ACL/Data format supported. All others on demand.
  • Compatible with most of shaping machine (see CNC Machines).
  • Hot wire G-Code export
  • Two types of cutting path : "one side after the other" and "alternate lines".
  • Mold mode to cut a mold directly with Shape3d
  • Possibility to cut multiple stringers or no stringer at all.
  • Viewer to control the cutting path before sending it to the machine.
  • View of the machine structure and blank.
  • Blank held by vacuum system on two points, or held by clamps at each ends, or lying on a flat table.
  • Acurate position of the board inside the blank.
  • Blank Selector system.
  • Z level change between top and bottom cutting.
  • Cutting speed of the machine defined by user on each special point.
  • 3D solid view of the result of the cut.
the DSD machine, the CNC DSD option replaces the CNC option. It replaces the Surfcad software and allows cutting any .srf, .s3d, .s3dx, .brd files with a DSD machine without needing any modification!
Technical requirements
  • PC: Windows 11 to 7, Vista, XP, 98.& NT, NT 2000 with DirectX
  • Mac: OSX 10.8.0 and later (portage by
  • Display XGA at least (better results with a 1600x1200 resolution)

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