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How do I transfer Shape3d to a new computer

Design Mode

  1. Which version do i need if i wanna start doing my own designs from scratch and be able to send my designs to the factory?
    • If the factory is using Shape3d, you'll only need the free Lite version, or the Full Design version if you want to use the 3D layers or other advanced design functions.
      But if the factory doesn't use Shape3d you'll need the Export option.
  2. How do I open a .s3dx file with Shape3d V8?
    • With Shape3d X you can save the files in the VX format (.s3dx) or V8 format (.s3d). But if you save it as .s3d you'll loose the 3D layers and multi-curves edition.
  3. How do I change the concave without changing the rail?
    • If you want to encrease the concave at the center, you have several possibilities:
      - Keep the bottom stringer edited, and move the rail point down on the slice.
      - Edit the rail line in addition to the bottom stringer, and move the bottom stringer up.
      - Edit the rail line, then un-edit the bottom stringer line. Then move the bottom stringer point up on the slice.
      - Edit the profile (this will un-edit the stringer). Then move the bottom stringer point up on the slice.
  4. It it possible to create channels with 3D layers that goes out of the outline...?
    • In order to avoid problems, you should not create 3D layers which outline cross the outline of the board, or you'll always have a kink at the transition. The trick is to design thn outline curve of the 3D layer wider than the outline of the board.
  5. When I load the file xxx.s3d I get the message "Invalid rail point position
    .Interpolation may be wrong. Check the slices."
    • It means that the rail point is not at the right place. Go to the design view and change the position of the rail point (right click on the rail point, choose "Modify point .. " and click on the box "rail").
  6. Is it possible to open IGES, STEP or 3DM files with Shape3d X?
    • Shape3d can open some IGES files, provided it contains NURBS surfaces with a simple structure, and no trimmed areas… There can be some distortions if the structure is too far from the way we design the boards in Shape3d.
  7. I loaded the V7 and opened a file that I have used in V6 but up on the
    nose I am having trouble with the point, it will not work properly
    and has altered the file from V6.
    • In the version 7 the thickness is computed as the difference the valign deck which was computed as the sum of the bottom and the
      thickness. In other words in the version 7, the deck is now a true bezier curve (easier to modify) and the thickness is a false one. To translate a V6 model to a V7 model, Shape3d search for the bezier curve which fit the deck. The new deck is therefore sligthly different from the version 6.
  8. I can not set my concave depth at middle point of slices. It just doesn't
    allow me to set depth of concave at the middle.
    • With the version 7th the profile view is the stringer and no more the side view. It's more consistent to the way the valign measurements are taken. valign So, you can't move the two middle point of the slice. More over it avoid to change the shape of the slice when you move that points up or down as before.
  9. You don't have a red analyser curve any more, this is a major problem.
    • To display the curvature (red curve) right click and choose
      Display / Curvature. It shows the curvature when a control point
      is selected. valign

CNC Mode

  1. May I use my V8 machine file with Shape3d X ?
    • You should use two different machine file for V8 and VX, because VX has some parameters that are not in V8. So once saved with VX the machine file won't work with V8.
      On the other hand, if you want to keep the same set of parameters with VX and V8, you can duplicate your V8 machine file, and use the copy with Shape3d X.
  2. I get weird bumped cutting lines at nose and tail.
    • Your nose and tail slices are too different from the previous
      slice and the program don't succeed to compute a smoothed
      meshing. The best way to fix that is to copy the previous slice and valign paste it on the nose or tail slice :
      • Go to the outline view and select the second slice
        (from tail)
      • Go back to the slice view and click on the "Copy"
        button on the tool bar
      • Return to the outline view and select the tail slice
      • Go again the the slice view and click on the "Paste"
    • If it does not fix the tool path, change the separation line between "apex" and "rail" in the "Cutting path" tab of the CNC dialog box. If the cutting path is still not OK, send the model file (.s3d) and the machine file (you can find its location in the "Files/Preferences" dialog box) by mail at contact@shape3d.com.
  3. I do not want a blank in cnc version how do I delete it ? I always set my
    file at a work offset position once blank is clamped.
    • If you really don't want a blank you have just to check the box "Auto" and specify all the margins at 0. The blan k will be the same as the board. valign But I think you should be wrong to do that : the blank is the only way to control exactly the position of the board with respect to the rotation axis bewteen the clamps (see point ..). With a blank you can use the automatic blank and it's margin to specify the position of the board related to the clamp.
  4. When I try to compute the cutting path it tell me to go back to slices and
    hit apex button.
    • You get this message if there is no apex point defined for EACH slice (nose and tail included). The new option "Rail" enable you to set the separation line on the rail instead of the apex. It's usefull for square rails.
  5. The cutter is way above design is that 0x0y0z and what is the distance
    to the horizontal rotating point from the bottom of the cutter ?.
    • The height of the rotating axis is given by the "Z level of rotation valign axis" in the "Positions and blank" tab of the CNC dialog box.
  6. How do you set your rail heights and in your new files are all the boards
    without rail tuck or can you still create a bottom rail.
    • I think that your are talking about the square rail option ?
      If yes, you can set the height of the rail with the apex point.
      You can of course still create the bottom rail as previously
      if you don't check the "Square rail".

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