The scanning facilities
  Creaform/Peel 3d
  Creaform is one of the leading laser scanner companies. The scanners are made in Canada.
The Peel 3d scanner is an affordable hand laser scanner that is perfect to scan shortboard to race SUPs. Check the video at Video
  3D Motion Systems
  • The ProCAM machine has a digital probe; they can scan and cut all your boards (5395 Industrial Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92649, 714.969.4303).
  • Some KKL machines are set with a digital probe that can be straightforwardly used with Shape3d Scan.
  • The KMSYSTEM CNC Machines machines is now compatible with Shape3d, and presents a laser beam scanner that can export directly to Shape3d through the Scan option.
  CNT Motion Systems
  • Scanning of existing boards is also available from CNT Motion Systems Surfboard Shaping Machines.
  Uno Shaper CNC
  • The Uno shaper also has a scanning system that works with a laser beam.

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