Shape3d is the professional tool for surfboard and sailboard conception, from designing to shaping with a CNC machine

  Improvements from V8           UPGRADE NOW
  Major Design New Features
  • 3D layers: add or subtract a shape to the deck or bottom.
  • Multi-curves edition: design stringer, rail, apex lines… at the same time.
  • Fix a curve to another one to keep the same space between them while modifying the first curve. And design the thickness between the curves directly.
  Measures Improvements
  • More measures in the Master Scale box.
  • Measurement bars at any position from the tail or nose.
  • Add a new point on a curve at a given position from the tail or nose.
  • Buoyancy line.
  • Volume repartition and cross sections surface in Design mode to compare with ghost boards.
  • Allows cross sections comparison with those of a ghost board at any position.
  • Acceleration curvature radius (SurfCAD).
  Ergonomics Improvements
  • Redo.
  • Dynamic zooming.
  • Shows if apex is not defined correctly.
  • Shows design errors like superimposed points or loops.
  • Shows slices list with their positions.
  • Multi-points selection and alignment.
  • Accurate keyboard displacements steps.
  Divers Improvements
  • Better looking.
  • Import guidelines from files to any curve.
  • Display thickness between any curves.
  • Natural level board.
  • Unlimited number of fins.
  • Passive points on slices.
  • Better 3D rendering with antialiazing.
  • Improved 3D artwork mapping (deck and bottom).
  • Improved 3D Curvature mode.
  • New 3D Contour mode that allows to see the depth of the concave or V on all the bottom.
  • Better cut.
  • Better automatic board positioning in blank.
  • Blank Selector system.
  • Open encrypted Aku files.
  • Open DSD files with the rail curve.
  • Open KMS (.kms) and Precision Shaper (.pbd) files.
  • PDF and STL export.
  • And more…
  The extension of the Shape3d X files is .s3dx. The .s3dx files cannot be opened by Shape3d V8 or older. But Shape3d X can also save the files in the V8 format with the .s3d extension using Save as…

Check some sample boards here: Samples Warehouse

  Technical requirements
  • PC: Windows 11 to 7, Vista, XP, 98.& NT, NT 2000 with DirectX
  • Mac: OSX 10.8.0 and later (portage by
  • Display XGA at least (better results with a 1600x1200 resolution)

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