The Shape3d friendly CNC machines
  3D Motion Systems
  • The 3DM machine works so well with Shape3d, it is now a best seller (John Yow, Hawaii).
  • The real APS3000 machine now comes with Shape3d, and get even better (Miki Langenbach, Australia).
  • The KMSYSTEM CNC Machines is now compatible with Shape3D, The French machine just keeps getting better... In addition to its high performance surfboard shaping, it will take on hotwire cutting, 3D Scanning, G-Code file cutting, etc...
  • The 3emmegi machine is fully equiped, and comes with Shape3d (Massimo Morini, Italy).
  CNT Motion Systems
  • CNT Motion Systems Surfboard Shaping Machines are all around the world. You can’t go wrong with Shape3D and a CNC machine from CNT Motion Systems. Paul Cullen Pittsburgh, PA. Scanning of existing boards is also available from CNT Motion Systems.
  • You can run your DSD machine with Shape3D !
    You will get a much better finish, and you can even turn the rails !
    Check the special low price  of the Shape3D DSD version.
  • The Aku machine works perfectly with Shape3d X. Contact us if you want to replace Aku shaper by Shape3d X to improve the capabilities of your machine!
  • The well known KKL machine is already present all over the world. It is, now, available with Shape3d (Ray Baum and Tyler Hanel, California).
  • The Shopbot machine comes naked, but can be purchased through other companies who make it a real surfboard CNC machine:
  Precision Shapes
  • The Precision shaper machine is an American machine that can be used with Shape3d (Seattle).
  Uno Shaper CNC
  • The Uno shaper is a Spanish machine that works perfectly with Shape3d.
  • The ShaperCloudCNC is the new Shaper CNC machine for small & middle size business, fully integrated with Shape3D.

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