Order Shape3d Web Viewers licenses

The Web Viewers license allows uploading more boards to the Shape3d Warehouse, keeping the uploaded boards private, and using the 3D viewers on your own website.
Prices HT in Euros. 1 Euro = 1.04 $USD on Jan. 1st 2017

10 Viewers
One year license: 100 €   Purchase
20 Viewers
One year license: 150 €   Purchase
30 Viewers
One year license: 200 €   Purchase
50 Viewers
One year license: 300 €   Purchase
100 Viewers
One year license: 500 €   Purchase
How do I create a 3D Web Viewer

Web Board Builder
We also provide the ultimate service to sell custom boards on your website!
The Shape3d Board Builder is a web service that will allow your customers to customize their boards on your website: length, width, thickness, fin system, logos’ position, art work… And watch the board in 3D before ordering it..
Contact us for more informations !

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