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This software is protected and will need a key to be unlocked on your PC.
The lifetime license comes with one year of supports and updates. After one year, you can apply to the Maintenance annual fee to keep getting all the updates and the support.
Prices HT in Euros. 1 Euro = 0.99 $USD on Sept. 1st 2022

The Design license has more design functionalities, including Ghost board, Thickness control, Plugs positioning, File protection, 3D view with Reflexions and Artworks.
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One year license: 30 €     Purchase       Lifetime license: 99 €      Purchase
Design Pro
The Design Pro license has the most advanced design functionalities, including the 3D Layers, the Multi-curves Edition and the 2D exports.
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One year license: 150 €   Purchase       Lifetime license: 490 €    Purchase
Design Pro - 3D Export
The 3D Export option allows exporting your shapes to most of the CAD-CAM software.
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One year license: 435 €   Purchase       Lifetime license: 1440 €   Purchase
Design Pro - CNC
The CNC option enable cutting your board designs with almost any CNC machine.
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One year license: 810 €   Purchase       Lifetime license: 2690 €   Purchase
Factory Package
2 computers Design Pro-CNC + 1 computer Design Pro
One year license: 1200 € Purchase       Lifetime license: 3900 €   Purchase
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